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Professional Marketing


What makes our business truly unique is our ability to market your home in a professional quality video production. Our videos aim to give buyers a larger and improved viewing of your home far beyond the limits of a set of photographs.


Why do you need a video? Quite often photos simply cannot tell the full story; with a video we can showcase so much more! As a seller you must capture the buyer’s interest easily. We think you’ll agree when we say that you cannot truly appreciate any property until you have viewed it in person and this is because there are so many qualities that may not be visible from just a photograph. Is it the location on the road, the stunning view from the bedroom window or perhaps the way the kitchen, lounge and dining room allow you to flow seamlessly through the property? Our videos will allow you to show all these valuable qualities in your home so that you can be sure no stone is left unturned in convincing people why they should take a closer look.


Your buyer can view your video on all of the property websites, our dedicated YouTube channel and even by scanning a QR code on our newspaper advertisements.


Why don’t other agents do video tours? Well simply put it’s a huge amount of work! Each video we produce will take between 7-15 hours in total to shoot and edit to a high standard. We can only afford to offer this service to every client because we do the work in house.


Six steps to your video production:


  1. Evaluate the property. We take a look around house and advise on presentation of individual rooms, this may involve moving of furniture or de-cluttering of surfaces to improve the overall look of your home.
  2. Shooting the video. Using a variety of film rigs and full high definition cameras we produce a bespoke video tour of your property this can take in the region of 3-6 hours dependant on the size of your property.
  3. Editing the video. We then spend a further 4-8 hours compiling all of the footage taken selecting the best shots and edit them into a beautifully presented video that will be sure to impress potential buyers.
  4. Come and Watch! We invite you to our office to watch the video on our big screen and to review your photography, floor plans and full colour brochure.
  5. Hit the Market! With all the marketing material now in place and checked by yourself we place your property online and begin the process of selling.
  6. Take your advertising home! We present you with a Jolley & Co memory stick loaded with your video, photos, floor plans & Brochure so you can enjoy all the material at home.


Watch an example:  (Click the bottom right corner to go full screen!)



The staple part of any property advertising should always be a quality set of photographs. They are the first thing to catch your buyers attention when scrolling through lists of property online.


We have built a reputation for the quality and creativity of our photography, we aim to photograph all of our properties in sunny conditions and to ensure the interior is presented to the most desirable standard. First impressions count so we actively ensure that your home is looking at its best.


Your home is likely to be the most valuable asset you ever buy or sell; so why settle for second best?




Still not convinced? How about a comparison?




When looking at property your buyer needs to understand the layout and orientation of rooms within the home. We utilise the latest laser measuring devices together with IPAD surveying software to draw accurate floor plans. Doors, windows and openings are accurately positioned with the aim of keeping buyers accurately informed on how they can inhabit spaces.


Tied in with our video tours and photography, it’s all part of our ethos to do everything we can to help our perspective buyers make an informed decision.